Dekaron moves
to a brand new portal

A time of change is upon us as Dekaron is moving homes from Nexon EU to Vertigo Games under our brand new Portal – Papaya.

We understand that you have built memories up to this point, and we don’t intend to take those away. Instead, we wish to build upon that and help Dekaron develop further – starting with bringing the long awaited action patch #19 live soon after the Vertigo launch.

Don’t worry, a Dekaron transfer service will be available to backup your data so none of your hard earned progress will be lost.

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The official Dekaron Transfer Service is now open!

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** You must complete the Dekaron Transfer Service to continue using your Dekaron character(s) in the future **

Please read the FAQ below and return to this page once the Transfer Service begins to transfer your Dekaron character(s).

What is the Dekaron Transfer Service?

Nexon EU’s Dekaron service will end on June 20, 2016 (CET), but Dekaron will find a new home with Vertigo Games under our Papaya portal. The Dekaron Transfer Service is a full data transfer to it’s new home at Vertigo, the partner of Ubifun (Dekaron Developer.

Who is Vertigo Games?

Vertigo Games an experienced group, devoted to online game publishing who have found great success around the world. One of our offices located in Korea is a direct neighbor of the developers which has led to us having very good relations with each other. We are currently located in Garden Grove - USA, Vancouver - Canada and Seoul - Korea. We are very excited to service Dekaron!

Why should I transfer my account?

Consider it as simply backing up your data so it is not lost when service of Dekaron changes to Vertigo Games. By simply linking your Nexon EU account to our new Papaya portal service, you will be able to continue playing with your same characters at Vertigo. Not only that, but you will receive a free Papaya package as a bonus. With Vertigo, our goal is to be able to provide improved services and growth of Dekaron.

How do I transfer my account?

All you have to do is simply link your Nexon EU ID with your Vertigo account in two easy steps!

That’s it! You’re done! Transfer Complete!

When should I complete the Transfer?

The Dekaron Transfer Service will begin May 24, 2016 (CET). We recommend completing the process as soon as possible as any in-game progress gained after transferring game data will still carry over. This ensures your data is safe and you will be able to take full advantage of the free Papaya package bonus! However, should you need more time, we aim to have the Transfer Service available for as long as possible.

If I transfer to Vertigo Games, do I keep all my data including the same character name?

All game Data, Progression, Items and Character Names will be transferred to Vertigo. However, any Nexon Cash will not be transferred to Vertigo. If you do not transfer your data to Vertigo Games, you will not be able to continue using your Dekaron character(s).

What if transfer to Vertigo before Nexon EU stops service of Dekaron?

Players will be able to transfer their data to Vertigo Games starting May 24, 2016 (CET) and Nexon EU’s service of Dekaron ends June 20, 2016 (CET). By doing the Dekaron Transfer Service before Nexon EU service closes, any new progression or items gained after you transferred will still carry over. For example, if you do the Dekaron Transfer Service on May 25, 2016 and then proceeded to purchase items and gain in-game progress up until Nexon EU closed their service, all the progression, items and data you gained will still carry over to when you play Dekaron from Vertigo Games. You will only need to do the transfer once per account.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please don't hesitate to contact us via Help Desk.
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